Friday, December 19, 2014

Vogue 8711

  Y'all this skirt almost got the best me! I was so excited to finally muster up the courage to try this pattern. You see I first purchased this pattern a few years back, after having seen the fabulous Erica B's version...  I knew I would make this skirt; however, the poor reviews from some of the reviewers put me off from making it sooner.
I was inspired by Kylie Jenners'
look, and wanted to recreate this
look done my way :)..
  Well, fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago, as I was browsing on Pintrest; I spotted a draped skirt and fell in love all over again. So, I got to prepping the fabric (Ponte kit) and cutting out the pattern, cutting out a 16 and grading to an 18 at the hip. I also altered the pattern, lengthening the pattern about 3 inches.  But let's get into why this pattern almost did me in y'all! In theory, yes, this pattern does come together relatively quickly once you have the particulars in order.  However,I just found the instructions and diagrams in some areas not to be that well done. Like, I struggled for real on some parts, like throw in the towel struggle.

 I would seriously recommend that one makes a mock-up of this one, or use the basting function on their machine to make sure they have a feel for how this skirt is meant to go.I love the finished skirt, like seriously love; however, getting it done took a measure of patience. I didn't have any problems with bulk at the insets, as I thought that I would. Now I didn't think it wise to serge the front insets because of that tricky sew to the dot and pivot madness. I wasn't sure that I could get a clean finish using my serger on this part; however, I did serge the back insets and everywhere else that could be serged.
inside shots of the back insets
sorry that it's so blurry
The inside hem

 I do want to make sure that I include, hopefully a helpful picture as to how the back insets should before being stitched to the back skirt. This step, step 13 had me confused. I don't know, I just couldn't figure it out, darn near took all of my 30 minute sewing time figuring it out, geesh...

This is how the back insets should look prior to being stitched down..
You will have a slight gap on either sides of insets, but don't worry
as it will close once you add your waistband.
 I  am so glad to finally have this skirt in my wardrobe. I know that it will get worn plenty so to me that is a win, win! Oh, my shirt, I hear you say. Well, still waiting to put on those pesky buttons lol... I'm gonna get it done this weekend, y'all! But for now, I just plan to curl up with my box set dvd's  of the Golden Girls and blog surf.. I hope you all have wonderful weekend!

                                ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

New McCall's and what's on my list

  There seems to be some great buzz going around about the new McCall's patterns that was released recently. I myself, am really digging this collection. There's just some really great patterns that I can't wait to pick up at the next pattern sale. Let's get into what will be on my list at the next McCall's sale, shall we: First up is M7099, I know some people don't feel the love with jumpsuits and all, but man y'all this is everything! This pattern looks chic and sophisticated, and the model is seriously selling this pattern.
  My second pick is M7094, and I purposely added the picture of the back, because when I first saw the back; I literally screamed, yesss GAWD(true story) lol! I mean, life had been given with this pattern. I love an understated sexy, ya know?! And to me this is what this pattern is giving, an understated sexy...

 Okay, so moving right along, my third pick is  M7100: This is a little reminiscent of a very popular indie pattern that's out; however, I say there is nothing new under the sun, so I will be saving my coins and purchasing this one. I will say, that I'd wished they would have included a lining for this jacket, but that's ok!

 I also would like to pick up M7098. I know that this is a simple trouser/pant pattern, but I still like it! McCall's did a fantastic job with the styling on most of these garments imho...

  And the last one on my must have list is M7085: I love that this pattern is drafted for a woven instead of a knit. I think we have enough  knit patterns dresses imo(Love knits, but excited for this woven pattern). I love the different neckline variations, and can't wait to see what others come up with, with this pattern.

 Now, I  do have one more pattern that I quite like, but I am unsure if  it's my jush (my thing). For instance, M7084, I love this but don't know if it's me; therefore, this is one that I will wait for reviews before purchasing.
 *Oooh, I totally forgot my little bit, the little lady that runs the men in this house, LOL! I am so getting my pretty girl the M7074 dress. I love, love this dress! I love the color block options on this one.
  Overall, I am singing McCall's praises on this one. This is a great collection, one in which has me even more excited for Spring. If you haven't, go and checkout the entire collection, and I'm sure you will find something that you fancy. I just wanted to highlight my favorites, so I didn't post all of the new collection. I guess I better get back to putting on the buttons on this shirt, will be back soon y'all!
                             ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

Friday, December 12, 2014

A somewhat of a review:V1314

The infamous V1314

 I've had this dress finished for at least two months now, and even managed to post the dress on my instagram page. However, I never posted it to my blog for two reasons: One, I hate the dress on me, and two I hate the dress on me lol! Geesh, how petty can one be, right? Lol! So why am I posting the dress now? Well, I think it's important to show your failures as well as the successes, so that people(especially beginners) knows that it's not always rainbows and unicorns lol..

close-up of the neckline I used a binding
to finish the  neckline.
  Vogue 1314 has looked fabulous on all that saw make it, seriously! So, I thought it would be a winner, winner chicken dinner type deal for me also, but somehow I missed the memo that I don't like body con type dresses on me. I really, really wanted to get into this dress, but I just feel it's not me, ya know! I should have known that I wasn't going to be thrilled; y'all remember the M6886  dress? Well, I gifted that to my sissy pooh, yep! I don't like fitted dresses on myself. I prefer more of a fit and flare dress, like the M6957, which I wore to death in the summer :)!

Gifted this dress to my sister M6886

Actually made and blogged this
dress twice, love this dress! M6957
  But getting back to Vogue 1314, now that I have been all away around the world and back lol. For the sizing, I chose to make 16 at the bust, grading out to an 18 at the hip area. I used a ponte knit which I sourced from Fabricmart fabrics. I loved the print of that Ponte knit, man I wished I had used it for something that may actually get worn, sigh! But anywho, not crying over spilled milk, at least anymore I'm not :). The construction of this dress was pretty straight forward, I did eliminate the lining; I didn't feel the need to use one with using such a heavy knit.

 I also didn't gather, opting to  use clear elastic instead. I  added three inches to the hem, but would have preferred another inch, seeing that the elastic caused the dress to hike up a touch more than I liked. Although, I believe gathering would have caused the same effect, so I really could have used another 1/2" altogether... I found that this dress ran fairly large. Particularly so, through the waist and hip area; however, this made it an easier fix to fit the dress as I went along. Overall, it's a really simple pattern that is drafted beautifully, it just wasn't my cup of tea! And speaking of tea, I guess I'll go check out the new McCall's patterns. There seems to be a few goodies that I'll be checking out, says the woman that doesn't need more patterns LOL!

                                   ~ Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Casual with a wee bit of sass Butterick 5678

DIY inifinty scarf do you know these things are expensive in RTW
No and thank you, I will make my own :)! I just used jersey fabric
that is too sheer and of bad quality to make a garment, and used it
for my DIY infinity scarf..

  I finished this shirt up on yesterday. I'm so glad that I did because this is will probably be my attire on Thanksgiving, casual with a little bit of sass, yes please! Butterick 5678 has been in my stash forever! There are some really great versions of this pattern floating around on the web and PR.  I made view D the longer shirt of the bunch.  I made an 18 and added about 1/2" to the hip area. I made sure to read through all of the reviews on PR and  all most everyone mentioned the unpleasantness of the ease in the sleeve cap. I did remove about 1/2 inch of ease in the sleeve cap and that seemed to do the trick. Here is an example of this particular alteration,this sewing diva really knows her stuff!

I didn't make a muslin but I did tissue
fit the pattern. Mismatch socks and all, tuh! It
gets real around these parts LOL! My sewing
room is a  mess, my baby girls little hand prints
all over my mirror :).

Close-up shot:Please excuse the wrinkles
I'd just taken the shirt off and wanted to get a few

Simple serged insides

   I used a chambray type fabric for this shirt. It almost has a flannel type feel on the wrong side of the fabric, which makes for a pretty cozy shirt. I made view D; however, I left off the pockets due to them looking cray cray on me LOL... Y'all I really wanted those pockets too,sigh! I love, love the princess seams of this shirt, it creates such a feminine shape imho. I love the curved shape of the hem, and I used this technique for the hem. This technique really does make life so much easier! Now, is my shirt without fault? Absolutely. positively NOT bahahaha!


A few wrinkles in the lower back,but I'm
unbothered lol!

Now I've mentioned before that shirt-making is not hard at all; however, it is precise! I do need to work on my top-stitching and collars. I have all the dvds on shirt making, I'm signed up for the craftsy course, but in the long run; you have to practice! Nothing will trump practice,seriously! But although I had a little trouble with my collar, with having to redo it. I still am in love with this shirt! It so casual, yet I can dress it up a bit for a wee bit of sass, so to me that this is a win win!

 Overall, I found this pattern to be a great pattern. I loved the many different views, the options for pockets, tabs and the like. This is a pattern that you can truly make your own. I would definitely recommend this one and wouldn't mind making this one again, if I hadn't already cut out another shirt pattern :). And now I'm off to get a head start on some of this Thanksgiving baking. I  hope you lovelies all have a very wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with plenty of good food, family and of course lots of sewing lol!
      ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

Friday, November 21, 2014

What's happening and what nots!

    So my little people are out of school next week for the Thanksgiving holiday. So knowing this would free up a little of my time, I decided to get a few things cut out, and even managed to complete a shirt,well almost.. I started on B5678 sometime last week. And for me shirts is one piece of clothing that I must continue to practice. Shirt making is not hard in essence but everything is so precise, ya know?!

I made view D minus the pockets. I'd planned to put the pockets on, and I did; however, they came out horrid, simply horrid! The pockets to me just looked too big, but on others who've reviewed this pattern they looked great! So I'm sure there was operator error there on my part, sigh.. All that's left to do is the button holes and buttons and of course a good pressing is in need...

Here's a sneaky peak:My topstitching
is not perfect but I'll somehow manage
to live LOL!

  Yesterday I was in the cutting mood, when does that ever happen, right?! That is the worst part of sewing to me, geesh! Well, like I was saying I was in the cutting mood yesterday, and I also managed to get V8927 cut out woo hoo!

  I cut out view F in the Vogue 8927 pattern. I did alter the pattern as to shorten it a bit, but we'll chat again about this pattern once this project gets going hopefully.. I know that I said last time that I was going to start on V8958 once I received my interfacing, which I have; however, I have shirts on the brain. I really need more tops and I'm trying to be a responsible seamstress here and sew more of what I need, than what I want boo hoo LOL! And speaking of more of what I need, right?! I've received a few pretties this month, and nope I don't feel no ways guilty bahahaha!  I am giving back to our economy, yep that's my story and I'm sticking to it lol!
This cobalt blue suiting on the left is everything, everything! It's from
Fabricmart (SKU: BKC2422G) and it is gawjus, don't say I didn't warn you!

 Whew, this post is getting long! I guess I better get crackin' on these shirts so that I can get to sew up some of my pretties that came in.. What are y'all working on this weekend? Anyone planning to hit the Jo-Ann's sale for the Butterick and Vogue sale? I know there are four patterns, two from each that I want. I better get my list ready... I hope you ladies have a wonderful weekend!
                                         ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!


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